On premises


If uptime is important to your productivity, and for many it's imperative their busiRegulation and Best Practices dictate the necessity for secure durable storage. Geographic redundancy, encryption and archival records are just some of the perimeters set by leaders of IT and government regulations. 405 is a leading service, providing a storage architecture that is user friendly and meets the organizational and regulatory needs of an entity, no matter the industry. We are experts in fitting a storage solution to your business whether it’s onsite or offsite and do it with a frugality that is budget sensitive. From File to Block storage, we can facilitate organizational objectives by modifying, migrating, compressing, deduping etc., existing storage infrastructure giving you the best options the IT industry offers. No matter the schema, structure or size of the data, we’ll implement an Action Plan that is custom-made for you and your needs and budget with durability, availability, scalability, and performance.


Most business work forces today are both mobile and collaborative. Users have complex access requirements to individual, team, corporate, and partner data. They need to access and share this data both locally and remotely, sometimes from unsecured locations using public Wi-fi. Instant messaging, e-mail, remote access, and Internet access are all business-critical tools, so any service interruptions are detrimental to productivity.