18th Jan, 2021

Never Import Messy Spreadsheets Again

Meet Flatfile, the startup helping companies spend less time formatting spreadsheet data, and more time using it.

By Dreams Solutions Blog

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy – Gleaning Insights from Information

Digital strategy is an ever-evolving process; something we’re always striving to be better and more efficient with. Deeper insight leads to stronger strategy; and both push for higher campaign ROI.

By Dreams Solutions Blog

Covid-19, Marketing

Is Your Brand Adaptable to Change?

The entire world is currently focused on a singular topic: COVID-19. This is not only an unprecedented time in terms of the epidemic we’re facing, it is also one of maybe a handful of times in history where every country is working to reverse the same global problem.

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Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Visualizing information can seem like an easy fix for any piece of content: simply add an image to the copy and voilà, your job is done.

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