Competitive and
Technological Intelligence

In Dreams Solutions we offer vanguard services. By acquiring this service with us, we will analyze the information on the sector, the industry, the surroundings, the clients, the providers, as well as the competitors, their characteristics, stratifies, plans, resources, products and services, in order to make one organization more competitive.

The Competitive Intelligence refeeds the Strategic Planning. Its objective is to detect signs of change, analyze tendencies, reactions, strategies from the competition, new threats, opportunities, etc., in order to make your competitive be always up-dated.

The Competitive Intelligences encompasses and surpasses the concept of Technological Planning. Its objective is to detect signs of change or of business, due to which reason in the practice we talk about VT-IC Systems.

In order for the implantation of a VT-IC System to be successful, we have to attack two types of actions:

● Coordination of a team of persons.
● Systematization and automation in the gathering and treatment of the information.

In Dreams Solutions we offer:

Dreams Solutions carries out the Technological and Competitive Intelligence Supervisions, respecting at all times the Commitment of Confidentiality and of Ethical Commitment.